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Beat the Grip of Back Pain

May 29, 2015

Lower back pain can be excruciating. And unfortunately, it hits almost everyone Ė around four out of every five people Ė at some point in their life. In some people itís chronic. In others, itís short-term.

However, thereís one thing for sure. When that pain strikes, you want instant relief. Chances are good you head off to your doctor hoping that an X-ray and a few meds will fix you right up.

Unfortunately X-rays and other imaging techniques (MRI, CT Scan) donít always show the cause of your back pain. In fact, there are many times when the reason for back pain is never known.

But no need to worry, thereís hope on the horizon. Even if you donít learn the underlying cause, most acute back pain normally starts improving within a matter of weeks. And after a month or two, it resolves on its own.

But what happens when it doesnít? Hereís what you can do when back pain has you in its grips.

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Which Cooking Oils Should be in Your Pantry?
Even if you donít eat much fried food, itís a sure bet you have some type of cooking oil in your pantry. You might even have several different kinds of oils, using certain ones for specific purposes. For example, you might have a bottle of vegetable oil that you reserve for general frying. Or maybe itís safflower, sunflower or canola oil, which you may have heard is healthier. These are all inexpensive oils that are easy to keep on hand for those few occasions when you want fried fish, chicken or fries. In the meantime, thereís a good chance you have a bottle of pricey extra virgin olive oil tucked away, too. Thatís the good stuff. I find that many folks save it for salad dressings, marinades and special occasions. But when it comes right down to it, do you really know what the healthiest oils are Ė and which ones should never be in your kitchen cabinet?

Three Nutrients for Your Aching Joints
Taking a small amount of acetaminophen can damage the cells in your liver. And today, acetaminophen overdose is one of the most common poisonings worldwide. Worse, it's the leading cause of acute liver failure in the U.S. Now, you might take acetaminophen regularly for back or arthritis pain. In fact, your doctor probably suggested it. After all, most clinical guidelines recommend it as a first line of defense for these conditions. But guess what? Now weíre finding it doesnít even work to stop the pain associated with these health problems! And because it doesnít work, youíre probably taking more Ė to get it to work. Additionally, taking this drug is linked with several adverse events. Let's take a look at a real solution to those aching and cracking joints.

Inflammation, Telomeres, and Your Heart
Shortened telomeres are linked to all sorts of health problems associated with aging. If you have shorter than average telomeres, your chances of developing cancer, diabetes and dementia are increased. Shorter telomeres also mean a reduced lifespan. But today I want to zero in on the effect telomere shortening can have on your heart health. Iíll also show you what you can do about it. The research on telomeres and cardiovascular health in recent years is groundbreaking. In fact, it appears that telomeres may be a predictable marker of cardiovascular aging.

WARNING: GMOs Are Changing Their Tactics
To date, our biggest worries about consuming GMO foods have come in the form of packaged foods and animal products. Foods that come in packages routinely contain genetically modified ingredients. Youíll find them in the form of corn and soy byproducts, sugars and oils. Even boxed and packaged foods that sound healthy can contain these ingredients. Our meat supply is tainted by them, too. That's because commercial farm animals regularly eat glyphosate-laden corn and soy. Now, there's a new crisis coming. You'll find it in your produce department.

Don't Take Another Sip Until You Read This...
All sorts of chemicals are added to your municipal water supply. The majority of these compounds are to keep the water safe, so you can drink it without becoming sick. However, one chemical is added that has nothing to do with the safety of your water. Instead, it's intended to improve the health of your teeth. So the way I look at it, this makes it a medical treatment. Now, if your local water plant started adding statins to your water supply without your permission, I'll bet you would raise hell. The choice to have medical treatment - whether for cholesterol or dental health - should clearly lie in your hands. However, these days about 70% of our water supply is fluoridated, and not nearly enough people are fighting to stop this practice.

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