Why Are You So (Bleeping) Tired?

What if I told you that one home medical test – which requires you to do nothing more than spit into a plastic cup – could reveal the true cause of your fatigue?

And, what if I told you the real culprits in your fatigue are most likely two peanut-sized villains?

And, what if I then showed you:

Dear Fatigued Friend,

Are you sick and tired of feeling sick and tired?

When you wake up in the morning, instead of feeling refreshed and energized, do you want to just roll over, pull up the blankets over your head, and go back to sleep for another hour?

Do you find that, in the middle of the afternoon, your energy fizzles – and you have an overwhelming urge to put your head down on your desk and close your eyes for a few minutes?

If so, you're not alone.

You see, the United States is a nation of tired people, with as many as 4 out of 10 Americans complaining of fatigue, low energy, or poor sleep.1

Millions of Americans go through each day feeling exhausted. If you're one of them, you probably wish you had more energy … so you could get more done at work and enjoy your free time more. But, when you start the day by summoning your inner reserves of power, you don't have any. You just don't seem to have enough "get up and go" to get up and go each morning.

And so you drag yourself through the day … fighting fatigue almost every hour … counting the minutes until you can go home – and just veg out on the couch in front of the TV.

Now, if I've accurately described what you're feeling, then you already know the terrible toll fatigue is taking on your life:

It gets even worse: Research from the Mayo Clinic and other clinics proves that people who suffer fatigue are often plagued with a host of other unpleasant, embarrassing, and even debilitating symptoms, including: 2

Medical science has discovered that the root cause of your fatigue may be a malfunction of those "peanut-sized villains" in your body I referred to earlier. When these miniscule organs are out of whack – as they are in so many men and women in modern society – this imbalance can trigger a multitude of related health problems, just some of which are listed above.3

And so, I ask you…

Are you sick and tired of feeling sick and tired?

Surely there has got to be a better way to live. And for you, there is! Starting today you can turn your life around from one of exhaustion to a life where you have the drive and power to work hard and live hard – while feeling rested, refreshed, and ready for any challenge.

According to an article in the International Journal of Wellbeing, people with high-energy metabolisms are happier and achieve more than the rest of the population. 4 Regaining your drive, enthusiasm, and energy … and dumping your "tired" … is a sure recipe to a better life. And now, that high-energy life is within your grasp… You see, medical science has discovered the reason why you and so many other men and women are so draggy and worn out.

Fortunately for you, it's a problem you can fix largely on your own, quickly and easily, in minutes a day –

Just by changing a few of your personal habits … using a few simple home remedies … and following a handful of other commonsense steps – all recommended by a highly respected M.D. I'll introduce you to in a minute.

And, you can regain your full energy without prescription drugs or treatment by a physician. You've heard the saying, "Physician, heal thyself." In this case, it's "fatigued person, heal thyself."

A doctor's secrets for feeling less tired

Hi. I'm Paul Romano, publisher here at First Start Publishing, and I'm excited to tell you that we've just released a new fatigue-fighting program you can use at home – risk-free for the next 90 days.

Titled Fatigued Nation: Why You're Crashing and What You Can Do About It and authored by renowned physician Dr. David Blyweiss, this breakthrough anti-fatigue remedy shows you step-by-step how to gain pep and feel more wide awake all day long. Best of all, it's quick… easy… safe… 100% natural... and you can do it in the comfort of your own home.

According to Dr. Blyweiss, what's unsettling is that many of the traditional dietary recommendations we've been given may actually be contributing to our fatigue! For instance:

Well, fish is healthy, but did you know that eating fish grown on a fish farm, instead of fish caught in oceans, lakes, and streams, may actually be contributing to your fatigue? The reason is that farmed fish are higher in toxins. The Journal of Nutrition says that eating farmed fish can even increase your risk of getting cancer. Turn to page 56 in Dr. Blyweiss's guide for instructions on healthy fish you can eat that won't make your head hit the pillow.

Unfortunately, your OJ habit can contribute to your fatigue, because there's so much sugar in all fruit juices that drinking them can cause your blood sugar to rapidly spike to dangerous levels.

A better way to start the morning is a breakfast of whole fruit instead of fruit juice – berries, in particular, are loaded with antioxidants – and a couple of eggs with whole grain toast. See page 84.

But that's just a small sampling of the fatigue-fighting weapons in Dr. Blyweiss's health-boosting arsenal. He has many more simple, natural, effective ways to overcome your fatigue and put a spring in your step again. And, we want to share them with you now, entirely without risk or obligation of any kind. If you'll let us. Read on for details…

Who is Dr. David Blyweiss?

Upon graduating from St. George's University School of Medicine with his medical degree, Dr. David Blyweiss took an unconventional path for an M.D.: he began his career as a clinical pharmacist in South Florida! His highly unusual dual background as both a pharmacist and M.D. has enabled Dr. Blyweiss to gain a deep understanding of why conventional medicine often failed patients suffering from chronic degenerative diseases, including chronic fatigue.

Dr. Blyweiss was one of the initial researchers doing the early work on chlorhexidine while earning his first post graduate degree at Temple University School of Pharmacy. During medical school he worked with the WHO (World Health Organization) in vaccinating children in the islands of the Caribbean.

He has traveled much of the world, most recently to Belize, Central America, Gabon, Africa, and Zagreb, Croatia, working closely with teams of specialists to identify new plant life and natural products for possible human benefit, as well as researchers and their stem cell transplantation teams.

Dr. Blyweiss has consulted for and created state-of-the-art nutritional supplements for multiple nutritional companies since 1999. He is currently in private practice in South Florida where he resides with his family.

Revealed at last: why you're tired so much of the time…

In his breakthrough anti-fatigue program, Fatigued Nation: Why You're Crashing and What You Can Do About It, Dr. Blyweiss not only shares all his best strategies, tips, and tricks for helping you overcome tiredness and feel more refreshed, rested, and revitalized…

He also shows you what's causing your fatigue – and why his simple home remedies are so effective at reversing the condition.

Remember those two "peanut-sized villains" I mentioned earlier? These are the adrenal glands, and they're more than likely the root cause of your exhaustion. (In a minute, I'll tell you – right on this page – how to determine whether you have an adrenal problem… with a simple home test… and no visit to the doctor's office.)

The adrenals are small glands located on top of each kidney. They weigh less than an ounce, yet produce hormones that you can't live without, including sex hormones and cortisol, which helps you respond to stress and has many other important functions.5,6

In addition, the adrenals are controllers of the endocrine system, a group of glands that regulate a vast majority of functions in the human body – everything from sex drive and brain function to your heart and circulatory system.

Adrenals and Kidneys

So, when the adrenal glands are off kilter, your entire well-being is at risk. You can lose lean muscle mass in your legs and arms. Your concentration and memory can weaken, so you feel addle-brained.

Plus, your cholesterol and blood pressure can skyrocket. You can develop severe allergies, gastrointestinal disorders, blurred vision, and depression. All because your hormones are out of whack!

And, through millennia of human evolution, the adrenal glands, once the source of our power and energy, are now malfunctioning and turning us into a nation of tired men and women.

Here's the story: In prehistoric times, the adrenals released cortisol to give humans an extra boost of energy during those sporadic occasions when we needed to hunt for food, flee from a saber tooth tiger or other predator, or otherwise escape danger or discomfort.

The rest of the time, life was relatively easy – or at least much less stressful than it is in the 21st century. So the body was flooded with cortisol only when we faced an imminent threat.

Today, however, modern life hits us with constant stress almost every waking hour of the day. In response, our adrenal glands, which protected us in the Stone Age, now frantically pump out cortisol almost nonstop.

That's extremely bad. For two important reasons…

So, when constant stress keeps them pumping all day long without a break, you can suffer from "adrenal fatigue."

When you're hit with adrenal fatigue, your adrenal glands are unable to keep pace with the demands of perpetual fight-or-flight arousal. As a result, they can't produce quite enough of the hormones you need to feel good.

And, as I noted earlier, your adrenals control most of your major hormone-producing glands. These include the pituitary, pineal, hypothalamus, thyroid, and ovaries or testicles.

When the adrenals don't regulate these other endocrine glands properly, they don't supply the hormones your body needs to function properly.

In prehistoric times, a major stress trigger was starvation. Winter, drought, and failure to kill food when hunting would often result in people going hungry for long periods of time.

So, the adrenals released cortisol. The cortisol triggers your metabolism to store whatever food you eat as fat, which can be called upon later to sustain you in lean times.

Only today, there are no lean times. Your fridge is always full, and you rarely miss a meal, right? So the excess cortisol you carry in your bloodstream today, put there by the adrenals because of stress, now just helps make you fatter.

In addition, ancient humans needed a reserve of energy to enable them to fight or flee physical danger. Cortisol still conserves energy today by lowering your thyroid hormone output and slowing your metabolism – both of which unfortunately cause you to convert the calories you eat into fat instead of fuel.

Now, in his new fatigue-fighting program, Fatigued Nation: Why You're Crashing and What You Can Do About It, Dr. Blyweiss:

Best of all, you can preview this unique guide to overcoming fatigue risk-free for the next 90 days. Just click here now to get started:

Just-published: a doctor's home treatment program
for overcoming fatigue

Here are just some of the fatigue-fighting strategies you'll discover in Dr. Blyweiss's new guide to overcoming adrenal fatigue, Fatigued Nation: Why You're Crashing and What You Can Do About It:

Want to test your adrenal glands at home? Just spit now….

Here's a useful fact from Dr. Blyweiss that can help you check whether you have adrenal failure at home without a visit to your doctor's office: Your saliva contains the same levels of cortisol and other hormones as the cells in your body.

Therefore, you can check your cortisol levels – and determine whether your adrenals are malfunctioning – by spitting into a vial and sending it off to a lab for analysis. Several labs offer test kits you can use to collect and mail the saliva samples to them. Along with your program, you'll get a list of labs that can perform this test for you.

If adrenal fatigue is, in fact, the cause of your lack of energy, as is most likely the case, you'll know for sure within a few days. Then, just put the fatigue-fighting program in Dr. Blyweiss's new guide, Fatigued Nation, to work – and watch your energy climb almost daily.

Have more energy in 90 days – guaranteed or your money back!

As I said earlier:

If you're sick and tired of being sick and tired, Dr. Blyweiss's new guide to overcoming adrenal fatigue … Fatigued Nation: Why You're Crashing and What You Can Do About It … could be the answer to your prayers.

And, you risk nothing to find out whether Dr. B's fatigue remedies will work for you – and restore you to the levels of energy and vigor you rightfully deserve.

Here's how: Click on the button below now to request a 30-day Examination Copy of the doctor's fatigue-fighting program. We'll rush your copy as soon as we hear from you.

When Dr. Blyweiss's materials arrive, open to any page and start reading. I guarantee that within 60 seconds, you'll find at least one idea that can and will put new spring in your step.

Then, dig in further. Start putting the nutrition, diet, health, and lifestyle plan to work. Pay attention to how much less tired … and more energetic, awake, and alive … you begin to feel.

Then, you be the judge: If you're not fully convinced that Fatigued Nation has given you a new lease on a fuller and more energized life ... or, if you're not 100% satisfied for any other reason (or for no reason at all) …

… just return the guide to us within 90 days for a full and prompt product refund. That way, you risk nothing.

So, it's up to you.

In just a few weeks from now, you could still be dragging your behind throughout the day, mourning the lost energy and vibrancy of your youth.

Or, you could – by following Dr. B's simple but scientifically tested tips – feel more awake, more alive, more vibrant than you have in years.

So, what are you waiting for?

To order Fatigued Nation on a 90-day risk-free trial basis, click the button below now. You'll be glad you did. I guarantee it – or your money back:


Paul Romano, Publisher
First Start Publishing

P.S. Want to "cheat" … and get more of your energy to return to you faster? When you get Fatigued Nation, turn to page 79 … and discover a nutritional supplement that can give you an energy boost – on a cellular level – almost immediately.

This enzyme helps the mitochondria in your cells produce ATP, which is the fuel your cells run on. And Dr. Blyweiss shows you a special formulation of the enzyme that your body absorbs up to 6X better than many of the brands sold today – yet is completely safe.



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