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Male Aging Shocker:
There's A Hormone Battle Raging Inside You That's Aging You Rapidly

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If you don't know about the hormone battle that is one of the root causes of male aging, then you are in good company. 99% of men don't have a clue.

But today I'm going to explain it to you in detail.

Yes, "hormones" may sound like a girly topic you don't think concerns you, but guess what...

It should.

You see, men not only have hormones, those hormones rule your body.

Especially as you age.

Now, I'm sure you know about testosterone – it's the manpower hormone. It keeps your muscles toned and the flab off your gut. It keeps your sex drive alive.

But what you don't know is that your body makes another hormone that is the anti-testosterone... a hormone that interferes with your T levels and cuts you off at the knees.

This hormone destroys your energy expands your gut even when you don't eat any differently...and it totally tanks your interest in sex.

(And no, it's not estrogen – although that's received a lot of hype.)

When these two hormones are not balanced you won't be fired up about life - you just enjoy the view from your recliner...

And instead of being ready to take on anything, you only go through the motions.

But you don't have to settle for that!

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You don't have to turn into a grumpy, flabby, sexually feeble old man as you grow older. It is NOT a normal part of aging.

Ever wonder how some guys just stay lean and younger than their years? Seems like they've got it made, doesn't it...

Well, they don't have anything you don't have except hormones that are in balance. And they probably don't even know it! Because everyone takes that sort of thing for granted until it goes out of whack.

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P.S. Don't be clueless about hormones. They are powerful stuff when it comes to male aging and even a small imbalance can affect how you look and feel as you age. There's no reason to watch your manhood slip away. Balancing your hormones is easy when know what to do. Click here now for all the details.

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David Blyweiss, M.D.

David Blyweiss, M.D.

Dr. Blyweiss began his medical career as a clinical pharmacist in South Florida prior to earning his medical degree from St. George’s University School of Medicine in 1982.

This dual background allowed him to both appreciate the relevance of conventional pharmaceutical/surgical based treatments in acute medical conditions, but also to recognize where these approaches fell short in treating the majority of patients who suffered from the chronic degenerative diseases of “western civilization origin.”

Dr. Blyweiss was one of the initial researchers doing the early work on chlorhexidine (Phisohex) while earning his first post graduate degree at Temple University School of Pharmacy. During medical school he worked with the WHO (World Health Organization) in vaccinating children in the islands of the Carribbean. He has traveled much of the world, most recently to Belize, Central America, Gabon, Africa, and Zagreb, Croatia working closely with teams of specialists to identify new plant life and natural products for possible human benefit as well as researchers and their stem cell transplantation teams. He has consulted for and created state-of-the-art nutritional supplements for multiple nutritional companies since 1999. He is currently in private practice in South Florida where he resides with his family.

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